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This quick plugin allows you to videos which will playback on the titlescreen of your project after a set amount of time with no inputs from the player has passed.

You can set multiple videos to play, and decide if you want them to play in sequence, or at random, and whether or not there is a break in between them where it shows the title screen again before showing the next video.

Pressing arrow keys, or ok, or cancel, or clicking the mouse will immediately end playback of the video and return the player to the title screen.

If the player interrupts a video by clicking, or pressing any other input, the video queue is not cleared, so any videos that have not been played yet will be played before the video that was just skipped.

The 'Play Random' setting will only ever queue one video at a time, so it could play the same video multiple times in a row without playing any others. Use 'Play Random w/ No Repeats' to prevent this.

There are two versions of this plugin, one for MV and one for MZ. MZ handles video playback in a slightly different way than MV did, so I couldn't make one file that worked properly for both engines. Use the one for the engine you use.

Terms of use:

  • Free for commercial and non-commercial use, with credit to me, Ramza.
  • Do not edit the header of this plugin, or claim sole ownership of it.
  • Editing the plugin to add new features, or fix compatibility problems is allowed.
  • Redistributing this plugin is also allowed.

Updated 26 days ago
Tagsplugin, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker


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<3 Was looking for something like this if I couldn't figure out how to get a movie to work pre-title screen.