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Ever notice how there are basically two kinds of states in default RPGMaker? The kind that goes away after a set number of turns, and the kind that stay forever (or until cured). This plugin adds a third type of state - the food buff, which expires after a set number of battles.

Special states tagged with the note tag and that don't have an expiry turns value set will instead, disappear harmlessly after a set number of battles. While the most common use for these would be for food buffs (hence the name), you could technically use them for a lot of other things too, like long debuffs, or buffs, like sharpened weapons, or polished armor, that sort of thing.

Of course, the main use is to implement buff food in your project - consumable items that provide some quick recovery, but also provide a lasting boost to various abilities. A lot of RPGs have these, so why not add them to yours too?

But that's not all, what immersive RPG experience would be complete without being able to set an actors favorite food(s) as well? Actors can have favorite foods set, which can improve the effect, by fully healing their hp or mp, or curing states, and replacing the default food buff for a dish with a stronger one for being psyched about your tasty meal. But that's not all, you can set different sound effects to play in the menu on a per actor basis when they eat their favorites, which means if you use voice acting, you can play an actor specific voice for when they eat something they love!

How it works:

  1. Create a positive state that has no removal conditions, and tag it with the note tag <food buff: x> where x is the number of battles you want the buff to last.
  2. Create a consumable item, preferably one that can only be used in the field (to prevent the player from sitting down to a meal in the middle of battle), give it whatever effects or note tags you want on it, like a small hp recovery, or whatever.
  3. Give the consumable item the state we made in step 1.

You have now created some food which provides a food buff. 

Favorite Foods:

You can set how eating a favorite food changes the effect of the food in the plugin parameters. A favorite food can optionally do the following:

  • Fully restore Hp
  • Fully restore Mp
  • Cure any states from a configurable list

Additionally, the food buff that the favorite food would have given will be replaced with an actor specific favorite food buff. Make sure you still tag this favorite buff as a food buff in the database using the note tag.

Actors can have an unlimited number of favorite foods. When an actor consumes a favorite food, the standard item use sound effect will not play on the menu, it will instead be replaced by a default 'Favorite Item' sound effect, if you set one, or alternatively, an actor specific one. Actors can have multiple specific sound effects, the plugin will randomly choose one.


Food items don't need to only affect one actor. As a consumable item can be set to affect all allies, the food buffs can apply to all allies as well. I personally refer to these items as feasts, because that makes the most sense to me, you can call them what you wish.

Feasts and Favorites

You can set an item that is a feast item as an actors favorite item as well. When the party consumes this item, the actor whose favorite it is will gain the favorite buff, and have all of the effects as if he'd individually consumed the item. Everyone else will get whatever the standard item gave. If multiple actors in the party have the item as their favorite, any one of them might play their favorite Sound Effect, too.


As mentioned above, there is a bit of customization you can do with favorite foods, but there are a few plugin settings you can swap around as well.

  • You can decide what happens when an actor who already has a food buff applied tries to eat more food:
    • Food can be disabled entirely, preventing it from even being used on them.
    • The food can be usable, but will not grant a food buff.
    • The food could replace or refresh the current food buff.
    • The food could apply its own buff in addition to any others the actor already has.
  • Additionally, there is more customization for what happens when the food applies a buff that the actor already has:
    • The item is disabled entirely.
    • The item effect is normal, but the food buff is unaffected.
    • The food buff is refreshed to its full duration.
    • The food buff is refreshed to its full duration, and has 1 battle added to it.
    • The food has its full duration added to its current remaining duration.


This plugin has no plugin dependencies, and has been tested and works with RPGMaker MV and MZ. It fully supports plugins like YEP_ItemCore and YEP_BuffsStatesCore to extend the functionality of your food buffs and food items as well. It also works with VisuStella_1_SkillsStatesCore for the same extensions.

This plugin contains a plugin parameter to take advantage of those plugins to draw the number of remaining battles directly on the state icon. This can be disabled from the plugin parameters if you don't want that, or are using that feature for something else in your project.

Terms of Use

This plugin conforms to my normal TOS:

  • This plugin may be used in commercial or non-commercial projects. With credit to me, Ramza.
  • Purchase of this plugin allows you to use it in as many projects as you want.
  • You may modify this plugin directly, for personal use only.
  • Sharing this plugin, direct edits to it, or any demo projects that come with it is prohibited. 
  • You may share edits to this plugin as extensions to this one. Extensions require the base plugin to function.
  • You can choose to sell extensions to this plugin for profit, crowdfunding,  donations, etc, as long as the extension requires this base plugin to function. 
  • Do not modify the header of the plugin file, and do not claim ownership of the plugin in your own projects.


Import this plugin into the plugin manager of your rpgmaker of choice. As far as I am aware, there are no compatibility issues, so you should be able to load it in any position in your load order. I'd recommend putting it with your other item-related plugins, but only to keep everything organized.


If you have any questions before you buy, or any issues after purchase with the plugin, or run into any bugs that you need me to fix, feel free to reach out to me directly on the store page here. You can also reach me on my dedicated support topic on the rpgmakerweb forums, or DM me directly on their forums as well.

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If a different condition trigger is set for removing the food effect before its duration normally ends, will it end the battles duration of the food buff?

Hey there.

If a food buff has a removal condition (like being hit) or a turn duration, it will be removed normally if that trigger happens. If it has a trigger that is never met, it will still tick down every battle and be removed when the battle counter is up.

So if you have a state that is removed on damage, and also is a food buff with 3 battles, if you complete three battles without getting hit, the buff will still be removed. If you get hit once, though, it will be removed prematurely.


Awesome! That opens up lots of possibilities then. Thank you for making this!