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2020 is here, and with it comes the first dual wield plugin extension of the new year!

Monkeygrip, what is that?

Monkeygrip is the ability for an actor to wield a weapon normally used in two hands, in only one hand. This is an  extension to my Dual Wield plugin. Naturally, you'll need that plugin for this one to do anything. 

Odds are, if you're reading this, you're at least aware already of what my dual wield plugin does, as it is one of my most popular downloads, but just in case, a brief overview of what that plugin can do:

  • Separates weapon attacks into individual swings with the weapon in each hand.
  • Shows different weaponsprites and animations based on the weapon being swung.
  • Each weapon swing ignores the traits and parameters of the opposite weapon.
  • Splits crit %, and hit % between the two weapons as well
  • Allows actors who are dual wield type to optionally wear a shield in their offhand slot, if they can equip them.
  • Allows weapons to be tagged to specifically only allow them to be wielded in the main or off hand weapon slots.
  • Allows weapons to be tagged as two-handed, preventing the use of the offhand weapon slot for holding weapons at all, and only shields tagged as 'offhand items'.

This plugin is an extension to that last bullet point. Normally two handed weapons can only be wielded with a light shield, which is to say, an item that is etypeId 2 (shields) that is also tagged as <offhand>.  This is to allow shields like bucklers, or items that go in the shield slot but aren't shields to continue to be wielded by someone using a two handed weapon. This is common in a lot of RPGs, as well as tabletop games.

Using this plugin, actors can be given a trait that allows them to wield a two handed weapon as if it were one-handed. While the majority of the ramifications of this fall onto dual wield type actors specifically, there is one case where a non dual wield actor can still see a change on this as well.

Actors who aren't dual wield type can still use two-handed weapons. This plugin allows them to sacrifice the damage bonus of using a two-handed weapon in both hands, for the defensive gain of using a heavier shield in their offhand than would normally be allowed.

Dual wield type actors gain much more benefit. In addition to the above point, which also applies to them (if they can use heavy shields), dual wield actors can use a generally heavier weapon in one hand. 

Damage Modifiers

This extension interfaces with damage modifiers from the base dual wield plugin in a very specific way, and it's worth noting here:

  • A monkeygripped weapon never receives the two-handed damage modifier.
  • A monkeygripped weapon will be subject to the dual wield modifier, if it is being dual wielded.
  • A monkeygripped weapon will be subject to the offhand modifier when it is being wielded in the offhand, as any other weapon would.
  • Weapons that use the <twohanded attack modifier> note tags will not receive the attack parameter changes when they are being monkeygripped.
  • Weapons that use the <offhand attack modifier> note tags will see these param changes if they are monkeygripped in the offhand slot.

The ability to monkeygrip a weapon in the offhand is configurable from the plugin parameters. Dual wielding monkeygripped weapons is sometimes called 'Titan's Grip', a name given to the ability of warriors in World of Warcraft. There is no real distinction made with this plugin between monkeygripping both weapons, or just one.

When does Monkeygripping happen?

An actor who is capable of monkeygripping does so automatically under the following circumstances:

  • They have a two-handed weapon in their main hand, and any weapon in their offhand.
  • They have a two-handed weapon in their main hand, and a non-offhand shield in their offhand.
  • They have a two-handed weapon in their offhand, and a weapon of any kind in their main hand.

Actors who are capable of monkeygripping will also only use their weapon in two-hands in the following situations:

  • The two-handed weapon is in the main hand, and the offhand is empty.
  • The two-handed weapon is in the main hand, and the offhand is holding a light shield (off hand shield).

Additionally, if the player attempts to monkeygrip a weapon in the offhand slot, while the main hand weapon slot is empty, the weapon will simply be unequipped. Monkeygripping is not possible with the other hand being a bare hand,  and a two-handed weapon can never be wielded in the offhand slot unless it is being monkeygripped.

Switchable Weapons:

This plugin extends the functionality of the switchable two-handed weapons extension as well. If offhand monkeygripping is enabled, players will be able to switch the weapons in their offhand between one and two-handed mode. Note that if the mainhand weapon slot is empty, and the player swaps an offhand weapon to two-handed mode, it will be unequipped.

Note that unless you've made use of the <twohanded attack modifier> to add a penalty to a weapon for two-handing it, the parameters on a switchable weapon in one-hand mode, and a switchable weapon in two-handed mode while being monkeygripped will generally end up being the same.

How to use it:

Import this plugin into your plugin manager, and place it below the Dualwield Menu extension. This plugin makes some changes to how parameters are drawn on the menu scenes modified by the menu extension, so it will look a bit screwy if you don't load it after.

The note tag <Monkeygrip> can be added to armor, states, classes, and actors. If an actor has any source of the <monkeygrip> tag on him, he is considered monkey grip capable. From there, if any of the above conditions are met, he will wield two-handed weapons in one hand. Note that putting the tag in a passive state, and putting that passive state on a weapon is not recommended, as the dual wield attack sequence temporarily unequips weapons, which is likely to cause your monkeygripped weapon to be unequipped permanently, as your actor won't be monkeygrip capable when the weapon is removed.

I have some screenshots to show off how it looks in game. 

The first screenshot shows that a two-handed weapon from the dual wield demo, the spear, is showing stat comparison with both the sword and the flail in Harold's hands, as if it were a one-handed weapon.
Light Shield
This screenshot shows that when swapping from a weapon in the offhand to a light shield, that the actor goes from monkeygripping to two-handing the weapon, hence the ATK boost on the main hand.
Heavy Shield
This screenshot shows that swapping from a weapon to heavy shield causes the actor to continue to monkeygrip the weapon in his main hand, so there is no atk change for the main hand slot here.
Offhand spear
This screenshot shows that the spear, a two-handed weapon can be equipped into the offhand slot of Harold, who would then be monkeygripping it. This weapon is much stronger than the flail he already has.

Terms of Use:

You may:

  • Use this plugin in all of your free and commercial projects, with credit to me, Ramza.
  • Modify this plugin to add or remove features, or compatibility with other plugins, for personal use only.
  • Create and share extensions to this plugin, to add features or compatibility, such that anyone using the extension requires the original plugin.

You may not:

  • Claim ownership of this plugin, or change the header text on it.
  • Directly share this plugin with others, or share modified versions of it.
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