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Cosmetic items have been part of many successful RPGS over the years, from bunny suits in Dragon Quest, to glamours in Final Fantasy 14, to transmogrification in World of Warcraft. Now with this plugin, you can bring a similar system to your own RPG Maker project.

What does it do:

This plugin adds the ability for a developer to define one or more  'cosmetic sets' which will change an actor's battler and map sprites to something different. Sets can contain just a single item, or require multiple items to become active. The sprite changes can apply to everyone, or only to certain actors, as well.


The following tag works on Weapons and Armors

<Cosmetic Set: SETNAME>

  • The SETNAME is what you've named your set in the plugin parameters.
  • You can only use this tag once per item, if you use it multiple times, only the first occurrence will be read.
  • If an actor has pieces from different sets equipped, and could activate either, the set closest to the top of the list in the plugin parameter will be active only.

Usage Example 1:

You have a single ring, which when equipped, makes the actor look like a wolf.

  • In this example, the wolf sprite doesn't need to be actor specific, so the default sprite parameter is used to take effect on everyone.
  • Having the ring equipped makes any actor look like a wolf.

Usage Example 2:

You have a two-item set, 'Angels'.

  • When one of the items is equipped, there is no visible effect.
  • When an actor has both items equipped, the set effect is active, and their sprite will change
  • In this case, you might want actor specific sprites, so that the end result looks like your original actor with angel wings.

This plugin has no dependencies.

This plugin may be incompatible with other plugins that change actor battler sprites, or character sprites. Try to load this plugin near the bottom of your load order if you experience compatibility problems.

Terms of Use:

  • You may use this plugin in free or commercial games
  • You may use this plugin in as many projects as you like.
  • You may not share this plugin, or the demo project with anyone else.
  • You may modify this original script in any way you see fit, but you may not claim full ownership of the resulting edited file.
  • You may share edits you made to this script publicly, but only as standalone extensions to this plugin, meaning that your modifications cannot be used without also owning this plugin.


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Is there any way we can get this to change Actor face as well? The plugin is neat, but I'm rather disappointed it doesn't go all the way, as far as Actor graphics go.

That isn't currently possible, but I can certainly add that in an update shortly.

So that is on the roadmap for this plugin? That is wonderful news, happy to purchase and thrilled to use. There were a couple of options out there, but some no longer seem to function with the latest RMMV updates, and others that change all actor graphics (sprite, battler, face) use script calls where you must specify each actor in a notetag on each armor. Yours causes so much less clutter, and if faces are planned, I will just use placeholder graphics in the meanwhile.

Also, thank you for the incredibly quick response! I've been beating the horse dead trying to get the right plugin for my game ready, so much so that I ended up putting off everything else and driving myself a little crazy.

No trouble at all. I will work on adding it in tonight when I get home from work, should be ready by tomorrow as I don't expect any issues with it.

This feature has been added in v1.10. Please re-download the plugin and advise if you have any issues. I tested it in the demo project and it appears to be working fine, but you never know. :)